2.02 Largest Employers

This page shows a breakdown of Fox Cities’ top 25 employers as of 2015 (not including government or public employers), ranked by number of employees. Additional data include the industry and industry description of each employer, and municipality. The data are also aggregated to rank the top 5 industries, based of the total number of employers from the regions’ biggest employers. Industry descriptions were provided in the Regional Partnership data and overarching industry sectors were taken from North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) definitions. 


Fox Cities Regional Partnership

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


Number of employees are approximated to the nearest 100, but are ranked in order by the Fox Cities Regional Partnership. The top 5 industries ranking is based on the aggregated totals of the top 25 employers in the Fox Cities region, and is not an overall total of the entire regions workforce by industry (including small businesses etc.). For further insight in the regions’ employment profile please see section 2.01 Industry Sector Employment & Wages.