5.04 Grade 3 Reading Proficiency (1 of 2)

This page includes data from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on Grade 3 Reading proficiency. The Grade 3 Reading proficiency rate is the percentage of all Grade 3 public school students rated as proficient or advanced in grade-level reading based on the annual Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination. The Grade 3 Reading performance gap is the percentage point difference between the Grade 3 Reading proficiency rates of the economically disadvantaged and non-economically disadvantaged Grade 3 public school students. Economic disadvantage is based on income eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch. Economically disadvantaged students tend to perform at much lower proficiency rates than non-economically disadvantaged students.


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Information System for Education Data Dashboard


A performance gap less than 0.0% means that the proficiency rate for economically disadvantaged students was higher than for non-economically disadvantaged students. County-level data are aggregated from data at the school district level based on the county assigned to each district by the National Center for Education Statistics.